GP Howard L.L.C.

GP Howard L.L.C. is a privately funded company that has leased approximately 7,900 acres in “northeastern” Howard county where numerous companies are active drilling Wolfcamp horizontal wells specifically Bayswater and High Peak. In 2019, Seitel shot 3D on 100,000 acres in northeastern Howard county including the GP Howard position.  With the Seitel 3D, GP Howard has identified 40 Wolfcamp A locations on its leases.  Each one of these wells contemplate a 10,000 horizontal completion.  With the success of the Highpeak O’Daniel 3-10 well located immediately off the north lease line(150 feet) of GP Howard, ultimate oil recoveries are estimated in the 1 million barrels of oil range.  Other Wolfcamp(B, C & D) benches will be pursued in the future while the leases are held by the Wolfcamp A production.

GP Hovey L.L.C.

GP Hovey L.L.C. is a privately funded company that owns 3400 unleased mineral classified acres at Hovey Ranch, mostly in Pecos county and to lesser extent in Brewster county. Hovey Ranch has rail and a prolific water acquiter too. At the right time, GP Hovey L.L.C. will either lease the oil and gas minerals or depending on the opportunity, we will sell all or part of the ranch.